Moving slowly but reaching far!

Welcome to FABIO - First African Bicycle Information Organisation!

FABIO is a Uganda based NGO located in Jinja, Uganda. Our aim is to reduce poverty in our beautiful country with the use of a powerful tool: BICYCLES!
We believe that sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transport are a fine way to help people to get access to markets, education and health care facilities.

One of the contributing factors to poverty in underdeveloped areas of Africa is the lack of a viable form of transportation. From the farmer who cannot take large loads of crops to the market for sale, to the family who cannot transport their sick mother to a hospital; FABIO aspires to help build the capacity of these groups to improve their own lives. These issues are addressed through FABIO’s bicycle-related programs that aim to help make non-motorized forms of transportation more readily available to marginalized communities.

As the planet works towards its development goals, FABIO believes it is important to remain conscious of the global environment to insure the sustainability of economic and social growth. In order to address these issues FABIO is an active advocate in the Ugandan government and pan-African associations for the implementation of public transportation systems and the legal rights of bicycle users on roadways.

FABIO is an organization dedicated to employing non-motorized transportation as a tool to make life better for those stricken by poverty. Aside from capacity building and advocacy, non-motorized transportation is a powerful tool used to increase human rights awareness and social reconciliation through recognition of common needs. By opening our arms to non-motorized transportation, we can all work together towards common goals of social and economic development.


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