A bicycle becomes an even more powerful tool to change our society, if the appropriate infrastructure is provided. And in terms of sustainability, it's also upon us to create public awareness about peoples right of participation in these processes. We want to give people a voice and space to demand for quality service delivery themselves. FABIO have therefore embarked an campaign for good governance and accountability, using different platforms like neighborhood assemblies and dialogues with the the political leaders. Capacity building of communities as a confidence building strategy has yielded many positive results.

Through our governance program but also through the accompanying measures to our bicycle sponsoring programs, we are bringing democratic core principles to the grassroots. The structure of the community meetings and neighborhood assemblies allows people to practice democracy in a small-scale model. FABIO is never taking leading roles in these meetings, but we are facilitating and empower the people to held community meetings, give responsibilities to elected persons and create more sustainable community structures. 

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